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This will be quick as I’ve not much time but wanted to post something as it been over a week. I still trying to keep up with the new years resolution to write once a week at least!!!

Oh to not need sleep! The extra hours to stretch my seeming ever increasing load of things to do, none of which are really the things you want to do! Like unblock the bathroom sink, one of today’s joys. Making the trip to get the stuff to pour down the sink, then finding all sorts of other things you need in the shop- well they were on offer- and will be useful for another day….so another job to the list, tick one off add one- my motto it seems….perhaps I should stitch that to a pillow…. or perhaps not- don’t want to add unnecessary jobs to the list.

I have been thinking about this blog lark a lot this week, also have jotted loads of bits down, on that old fashioned and much out-dated pad of paper, if only there were a way for what I jot down on my pad to miraculously appear on the blog….. no need to turn the computer on- waiting for the old boy to warm up, stretch, yawn and actually turn on. Is there an app for that….haha if only. I could get an I-Pad I guess however that is a little off my price range at the moment, and in all honesty I prefer the feel of the paper under my hand, the loopy way my writing gets bigger when I believe I’m on to a good idea….so desperate to fill the page (who cares if the writing twice it normal size!)

I have been writing but not as much as i’d like, the short story is still short… three weeks till the deadline though maybe I need the pressure of the deadline to focus my attention- I’l keep you posted!

Am out of time now…