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I’ve deviated from the plan!

Didn’t take long, 4 weeks into the new year.

I have still managed to write almost every day, what I’m writing has changed though. I discovered a writing competition and decided that it would be good practice to have something completed and sent off by the closing date. It is a short story competition maximum of 2000 words, closing date March.

So I have taken a detour from the novel, although still doodling lines when they come to mind.

What have I discovered?

Writing short stories is more of a challenge then expected.

I like the idea of the story yet what is coming out is fluff. Big paragraphs of blow- away fluff. Not the roly- poly type fluff that you can roll around on the desk and build something of, no the wispy, fly-away, easily disposed of as it made of nothing, fluff. There no depth, no feeling, what I want to show is hiding…somewhere….I just can’t get to it. It’s infuriating.

Perhaps I’m being to hard on myself- at least something is appearing on the page. And it is evolving albeit slowly, into a story. But there is too much, it needs whittling down in words yet the story and characters need building on. Basically I have a whole lot of waffle to weave into something else.

It exhausting…..but I’m not giving up, little each day and I have told myself I will write my way to it…..well something to enter anyway…. I’ll let you know if it goes into the competition or out the window.