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I try to limit my son’s screen time. He has always had a limit on how long he can play on the X-Box and I often turn the TV off and encourage him to do something ‘constructive’ (how I hated when my mum said things like that to me).

But he has a phone which I have discovered that when I think he is in his room being ‘constructive’ he is actually watching You Tube! So this is another item on the list of what he has to leave alone. Believe me ‘time to turn off the X-Box, no TV and stay off You Tube’ is quite the mouth-full to hollar up the stairs. Do something else, read, write, draw, play go knock for your friends and go over the park- ‘that’s not how it works anymore Mum, no- one knocks for each other’  Erm yeah they do, his friend knocked for him yesterday.

Back to today, he woke and is lying in bed watching something on his phone, he has been up since around 8:00am and I want to tell him to turn it off and get up but I know as soon as he comes down stairs he will say to me ‘get off the screen mum’ I’ll roll my eyes and he’ll ask if he can turn on the TV. NO.


Which is exactly what happened! Yet it wasn’t as straightforward as me saying NO and that being the end of it…No we had an almost five minute battle of him saying ‘please’ and me saying ‘no’, back and forth the words went like a tennis ball in a volley. And now he has gone upstairs and is playing some sort of game in his room- score 1 to mum!