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So week 1 has past and I have remembered to return to this little ole’ virtual piece of me. And it hasn’t been too bad a week in writing respects, some highs some lows but I am still at it, which is the point is it not?

Lets start with the lows, finding time and motivation to write. I set my alarm to get up earlier then necessary to fit in some early morning scribbling, and all was going well until Wednesday morning. The alarm went off at 06:40 however I was unable to drag my slumber ridden body out of bed until 07:15, a lovely 35 minute snooze but not so constructive when trying to get a first draft out. For the same reasons Friday morning was a write-off (excuse the pun) too, I struggled to open my eyes and keep them open. ‘I must get up’ I thought, opening the eyes but like a closer on a door they returned to their original position- closed.  There were a few snatched moments in the afternoons after work when a few more pages were bashed out. But evenings seem to be a non-started for me, there is a point in the early eve when my mind switches from functioning to bugger off. Nothing constructive follows this point. I guess everyone has a best time and a worst time to approach creativity.

Trying to stay focused on the positive I keep reminding myself that I managed 3 morning out of 5 on the novel- not a bad start, and the odd bits in the afternoon add up to words and lines. I’m using a notebook and long hand, I find this more constructive for adding notes and after- thoughts, extra jottings, no order but I don’t fret about them. On a computer it a different story (another terrible pun) I tend to go back over a paragraph, re-jigging it beyond necessity- it is a first draft after all- I want it right before I continue. It doesn’t matter that I remind myself it a first draft, I cannot let it alone until it just right- but then how right can anything be on a first draft? So back to long hand for me.

A high was a point when I realised I am a writer, I don’t think of myself that way usually- how can I be a writer when there nothing but my scribbles to show- but those scribbles are important too, and this I realised. I was at work and noticed something I wanted to remember so I got my note- book from my bag and started jotting it down, it didn’t stop at my observation either, associated words started popping into my head, my musings spread over several pages of the note book (not hard as it a little note book) but I was writing therefore I am a writer. I realised that it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t working the novel, the words can be tucked away for future use or just exist as a moment captured on paper. It didn’t matter that they may or may not become part of something more, they exist in that note book written by me.

So in conclusion to the first week, yes I’m still at it, I’m still scribbling away when I can for as long as I can. The main focus is the novel but I’m gonna pay attention to the little extras that pop in too, you never know what they may turn into. Lets hope the focus doesn’t falter as we head into week 2.