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January 2016. Are well really here? I’m not sure I completed Summer 2015.

I have neglected my ‘page’, my blog, the virtual space I’d intended to fill, ignored it- perhaps hoping it will fill itself. But I’m back, new year and I’m intending to start as I mean to go on……please ignore the fact it’s the 4th January, motivation was slow to rise from embers.

I’m still scribbling, raising early to get some words out before work, trying to fit a few words in before my boy gets home from school. So words I have, ideas too, what I’m lacking is a finished manuscript, short story, there’s not even a limerick completed (but a few false starts). But I’m pushing on with determination to complete something this year.

So here I am, putting this out there in that huge virtual world, this year I will finish something. And here I aim to track my progress or lack thereof. I’m going to be realistic too, life is busy for everyone, I have a job, I have a son and a partner to attend to, a home to keep tidy, clothes to wash, food to cook, errands to run in a rush as I forgot all about them till it was almost to late. So I aim to post once a week to begin, not including this one, so watch out for it, or ignore it whichever you choose just know this year I will be back more often…………………………….Well that is the intention anyway!