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My son managed to put a hole in his bedroom wall. Not intentionally, he did a little roly poly flip while getting into bed and his ever lengthening legs went further then he expected, his heel hit the wall and wallop a hole in the plasterboard.

‘Look what you’ve done’ I said, ‘What, what’ he replied. I turned the light on (yes he flipped in the dark, how I am not grey i will never know!) and showed him the hole.

The next day my sister, who lives 50 miles away from us, sent me a message asking what he had done. ‘How do you know about this?’ I texted back, baffled. Turns out my son had stuck a picture of the hole on Instagram, where his cousin saw it and showed his mum- my sister.

Huh…run that by me again……

How out of touch do I feel? My son has an astounding grasp of technology, he seems to have absorbed the concepts, knowing instinctively how to use it. Me, on the other hand am left bamboozled by it. I am a typewriter where he is an I Phone 6.

He is on Instagram, he Whatsapps his friends and had I allowed it he would be on Facebook. Social media is so normal to him, where I look at my news-feed on Facebook and wonder why I’m reading it!

Even here, in the Blog-osphere I feel out of place, like a Dinosaur at the beauticians, sending out these little snippets yet not sure why I’m doing it. To fit in? To be ‘down with the kids’? To prevent the feeling of being past it?

Whatever the reason I will try to keep at it, bashing away at the keyboard- I couldn’t get the typewriter to connect to the screen!!!!!!!