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It’s happened.

I am no longer needed in my sons world.

Today I believe I have spent a grand total of 5 minutes in the company of my 12 year old son, he got out of bed this morning at the last possible moment, came down for breakfast with headphones plugged into his ears, readied himself for school without any intervention from me.

When he got home from school he spoke all of 4 words to my inquiries ‘fine, yeah, OK, nothing’. Yes they were the exact words before ‘can I go on the X Box?’

2 hours is the limit he is allowed. I’d like to say that we then spend time together however when told it time to come off he disappears into his bedroom and puts his music on- closing me out behind his door.

I know that this is a stage, that its part and partial to growing up, and I try to enjoy the good parts of this stage but I find I miss him. I miss him, his presence, his company.

I wonder will it be like this unto he is an adult and over the trivial embarrassment of being seen with a parent. Or whether this is only the beginning of me knowing little about my sons world. This thought makes me sad as I know there are many things about me and my life that I’ve not shared with my parents, the idea that my son would keep things from me leaves me cold; tears well at the thought!

Yet I know that hovering outside his door is pointless, he needs room to grow and I have to let him. But I’m hating it!!