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Getting nowhere.

Its taken me a while to accept that I am not the type of writer who can sit and write; write with words flowing onto a page like water from a tap. Words don’t mount on the page as my imagination whirls. No, I need the dots in place before I can join them. At the moment though there are great gaping spaces between the dots.

It’s infuriating.

2 weeks ago I had characters emerging almost daily, little connections were forming and the cogs beginning to fit together. Then……………it all stopped. 2 weeks, you may think, is not that long. But consider I’ve already spent 2 years getting to this stage. Yes progress has been made- I have an idea and a thickening collection of the characters profile sheets- yet something is missing, some point which brings it all together and I cannot see it- I get to a point in my tale and there it stops, so there I’ve stopped, now all the time I’m wondering what happens next, where is it going, what is the point of all that has happened.

Its like the ending is there but hiding from me. The story is building towards something, I just don’t know what. Well and truly stumped.

So here I am, venting. I’d love to hear how other wannabe novelist deal with this issue, if you’re out there, stop by, say hello………..