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So, I’m not going to lie I am still somewhat confused by the Blogosphere. I have made a few posts which is cool, however I’ve not quite got the tags and categories straight in my mind. I have read, and enjoyed, a few blogs yet not managed to find my way back to them!  All a little embarrassing ;0)

But I am not going to be defeated. I have spent a little time reading the relevant books for Dummies, very helpful, and thinking about the types of things I want to Blog about.

SO here goes, a post that will be tagged and in a relevant category (I hope).

My plan is to talk about three different areas of my world. The first area is writing; I’m working on a novel. I say working instead of writing because  the only writing I seem to be doing is getting to know the characters and how they fit into the story as a whole. I’m finding it a daunting process, yet at the same time am making pigeon steps towards something half- decent. I hope to connect with other like- struggling novelist, even if it just to share a virtual wine and whine.

The second area involves my family. Me, my partner of the last 15 years and our 11 year old son. We live in Suffolk UK, and like the majority of families are constrained by finances when it comes to leisure and recreation activities. But we don’t like to be held back and try to find interesting and free things to do- which I plan to blog about too. Like our successful shark-tooth hunting exhibition- a post about this will follow however intend to add pictures so need to check software’s installed and that I can work it.

The third area will be the highs and lows of parenting a pre-teen- perhaps that all that needs to be said about that at the moment :0D

Here we go- am going to have a go at tagging- categories needs further reading-do i make up my own categories or is there a list of usable ones somewhere? any suggestions, advice, even just hello’s welcome…