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The chore of washing up was cause for many a heated word within my household. My partner would complain that he had washed up all day at work (he had a bistro/bar thing and would wash up the glassware), he would make such a big deal out of it that I would end up on my own in the kitchen muttering into the bubbles. Or he would say ‘leave it I’ll do it tomorrow.’ I managed 2 days before I caved and ran a sink of soapy suds for tomorrow really never comes.

I would complain, and my partner would always, always, say that if we had a dishwasher there would be no issue; ‘we’d load it through the day and then stick it at night’. His argument was very convincing.

So we bought a dishwasher. A beautiful, shiny silver dishwasher. 

However the novelty soon wore off. I think it lasted maybe a week, when every bowl or cup used would be placed straight in the dishwasher. We would get put on at night after we had chatted over the loading of it. Bliss.


Cups, bowls, plates get left back on the side in the kitchen. The question ‘are you going to help me with the washing up’ has morphed into ‘who’s turn is it to load the dishwasher?’ The answer…always mine. I now load it automatically when I take my plate out after dinner. I automatically empty it when I rise in the morning.

When asked my partner classes himself as a modern man, yet the chores still fall to me. He works full time, yet I work too, every morning I leave the house at 8am, after making the off- springs lunch, ensuring he has checked his timetable and packed the right books, ensuring he has had breakfast. By the time I get to work it feels like lunch time!

Seems that the old fashioned idea of the women’s role in the home has not changed, however much men protest at being modern.

Ah I can now hear the bell, he’ll be wanting his tea, excuse me while I put on my pinny….the things we do for an easy life ;0)