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It has been a few weeks since my last blog post. But it would be a lie to say my absence has been because I have been to preoccupied with exciting possibilities. I have not been off exploring tropical destinations. Nor have I been anywhere of note here in England. Noe have I (I’m most ashamed to admit) been grasped by creativity and knuckled down in a furious flurry of fingers to knock out the novel.

No my absence has been due to the great delight that is a poorly household. First my partner, then our son, and finally me- yet in a lesser dose! Coughs, colds, sore heads, achy limbs, it dragged on for weeks. In fact my partner has still not fully recovered, of course he hasn’t done anything as useful as visiting the Dr. No instead he prefers to complain and expect me to be overjoyed at the prospect of waiting on him.

If we were married we would be heading for divorce!

I’m going off topic. So nearly 2 weeks have passed, yet I have barely noticed. I was quite shocked that today turned out to be Wednesday- always a bonus when you had thought it was Tuesday. A commiseration though- had you thought it was Thursday!

Wednesday, hump day, how did it get to Wednesday? In part I blame myself, I so look forward to crawling back into bed- almost as soon as I’ve crawled out of it- that I’m just wishing time away.  If this were true though the weekend would go much slower!

Get through the day, then it the following day and you want to get through that one too.  It quite the depressing thought.

I would love to delve further however my presence is required over the cooker!!

Hopefully I wont be away quite so long.