Having decided how Friday evening is going to be spent, bottle of wine and a home made curry- heavenly bliss, I whizzed into a well known supermarket on my way home from work to gather the necessary.

Before continuing I feel I must share that this week has been a long week. First full week back at work since the Christmas break, and I have really felt it. Monday and Tuesday were a shock to the system, by Wednesday I was exhausted. Thursday was the day of the devil that I couldn’t forget quick enough. Friday, sweet lovable Friday, finally here and having denied myself any form of alcoholic ‘get me through’ all week I am really looking forward to an evening of good food and even better wine.

So I whizzed into the supermarket, gathered the chicken and the curry paste, the coconut milk and the naan breads. Pondered over whether to spend a few pound more and get a bottle of my favorite wine, or settle for a nearly as nice but cheaper bottle- the favorite won out, just in case you’re interested. And headed to the check out.

There were queue at each manned checkout, accompanied by an array of checkouts devoid of human companion, wasting space between the ques. I don’t mind queuing though, it gives me a chance to let my mind wander- imagine I’m on a beach somewhere. Queuing also provides the chance to watch people without having to worry anyone will think your staring at them- what else can you do in a queue but vacantly watch your surroundings?

The couple in front of me had a lot of shopping. While the lady at the checkout was scanning the shopping she came across an item that had no barcode, so she pressed her button, chatted to the customer, pressed the button, chatted some more, pressed it again and again. I could see the 2 managers chatting, stood at the end of an aisle oblivious to the lady’s required assistance. Eventually the checkout lady had to stand and wave a carrier bag to get their attention. Over one comes ‘is your button not working?’ he asked arriving at the checkout- ‘yes that’s why she needed you’ I mumbled giggling to myself.

He then proceeded to ignore the checkout lady while she explained the issue, instead he took some gizmo out of his pocket and started pressing buttons on the checkout to see if they worked on his gizmo!!

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. It took the customer to start outlining the issue, loudly, for his attention to be properly directed. By this point I was in danger of needing to escape to the loo, having laughed for so long my bladder was weakening. Finally he bustled off in an air of self importance.

I must say I admired the check out lady’s patience because when the manager returned he started questioning her how she had scanned the item as it had no barcode! Well Duh!! That was what she needed you for…

‘He’s new’ she explained to me when my shopping finally made its way down the conveyor belt towards her, ‘I’ve been here 30 years,’ she continued ‘but of course he knows much more than me.’

I have found, within my various roles, that whenever there was a new manager they always had to change something, anything. Regardless of whether the change was needed or not, they had to introduce something to put their stamp on their role. I remember a lot of changes being reversed!