Hello all,

I’m Jane Ayre, but of course I’m not really… I’m Katie and I’m hiding behind the veil of anonymity within this mind boggling virtual world! I’m a mid- 30’s mother of one who has recently graduated from the Open University with a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature.

I’m here because I want to write and be read. I’m hiding behind a fake name because I fear my writing will be terrible! I will be honest, I am somewhat clueless within this virtual world. Lost would perhaps be a better word! I am on Facebook yet don’t really ‘get it’ and I have managed 2 posts on Twitter! I started my blog about 6 months ago and since then have posted the grand total of 3 posts! It has no direction- I don’t use it as a journal, I have a beautiful hand stitched writing journal that I write in daily- it is more a place to dump thoughts. Reading back over my sparse posts I’ve noticed that they tend to focus on family- life and being a mother, I guess that is the direction I’m moving in (albeit subconsciously!)

I’m waffling, my apologies. I guess I should add that I’ve tried to find other blog posts to read however have struggled to navigate round the ‘blogging world’… another reason I’m here 🙂

Anyway 2015 and I’ve posted in the first week- that’s a good start…